My Story

Who is Stephen Lau?

I was raised in Hong Kong. I have been working as a Java developer since I graduated in 2009. After I graduated, I worked in Central Hong Kong for a long time. I accustomed to the fast-paced lifestyle.

In 2018, I moved to the UK to look for more prospects for my career. I now live in Glasgow. After a couple of years of effort, I’ve gotten used to the difference of the language and culture. I also managed to find a circle of friends that have a similar interest. 

I play badminton with colleagues every Tuesday night.

What did I do?

May 2009
The University of Hong Kong

I graduated from the University of Hong Kong majored in Computer Science.

Apr 2010
Roadtrip to Australia

I packed my backpack and hit the road in Australia to explore the world.

Mar 2011
Deloitte Consulting, Hong Kong

In 2011, I joined Deloitte Consulting HK Ltd. I immersed myself in finance projects. I worked with investment banks, financial advisor and government departments.

May 2014
Hospital Authority, Hong Kong

I joined Hospital Authority(HA). I gained experience in the healthcare sector. HA manages all public hospitals in Hong Kong. It is similar NHS in the UK.

Jan 2018
J.P. Morgan, Glasgow

I moved to the UK and began to 'eat, sleep and breathe' English. I joined J.P. Morgan. 


I am writing this personal web page ...

Who am I?

I have been working as a Java developer since I graduated in 2019. I worked with government departments,  hospitals and investment banks.

I am passionate in technology. I enjoy watching PluralSight and Udemy on my 32-inch curved monitor. I obsess over building my side project app when I’m not working.